The AAWM had so many clocks, that we made a new website just for clocks!  Custom designed clocks, logo clocks and photo clocks, also available!


Visit our new clock website at:

Over 200 WEB CLOCKSLIVEWEBCLOCKS.COM ALSO CUSTOM DESIGNS WEB CLOCKS FOR YOU! creates fashionable clocks that you can easily embed in your web page.  All you need to do is to save the clock,  (.swf file) upload to your web server, then  simply paste the "embedded" tag into your web page.

Our custom designed clocks are a fantastic advertising tool.  Once you purchase the clock, you may re-distribute the clock to as many websites, clients and visitors to your site, as you wish!  Please view our custom designed clocks page, as it may give you an idea of what you may want to have on your clock.  We can custom design a clock around your website's theme, add your business logo, photo's, slogan and even your URL! (web address).  real time web clocks, site clock, site clocks, web clock, website clock, flash clocks, clock for a website, site clock, site clocks, add clock to your website, add clock to site, add clock to your website, web clocks,  live web clocks,  internet clocks, live web clocks, world clocks, website clocks, clocks for your website, flash clocks, logo clocks, custom web clocks, time and date, java clocks, flash web clocks, flash website clocks, swish clocks, swish web clocks, real time web clocks,

The great thing about our custom clocks is, that blog users may use the clocks on most blog sites.  (If the blog site allows you to upload a flash file).  If the blog site does not allow you to upload a file file to their sever, then we can host your clock for you on our server for a small fee and all you have to do is use the "embed code" that we send you.   If you have a website of your own, you can host your own clock, then add it to your blog.   Email us for clock hosting rates at: also offers FREE clocks!  Our free clocks have our URL linked to the clock.  If you like any of our examples, we can remove our link for a small fee of $25.00.  To add your own link to the clocks, will be an additional  $5.00.  (for pre-designed clocks only) HTML, FLASH, FLASH Clock, Internet, Download, free web clock, free web clocks, free website clock, banner clocks, what time is it?  internet clock, site clocks, time clock, java clock, java web clock, java clocks, clock counter,

Most of the clocks we offer are pre-designed and start at $25.00. (without our link).  To have a Custom designed clock, with your logo, graphic, slogan, URL or photos, usually runs between $35.00 to $100.00.  Keep in mind, that this price includes permission to RE-DISTRIBUTE your clock.  Our competitors charge up to $500.00 for the design of the clock, then another $500.00 for hosting and license fee to allow you to re-distribute your clock!   We offer twice as many pre-designed clocks then our competitors and our prices are less then a quarter of what they charge!

Benefits Of Having A Custom Designed Live Web Clock On Your Website:

pointer A custom designed clock  will grab your visitors attention.
A custom designed clock is a unique and innovated tool to have on your website.
A custom designed clock can be used as a banner ad, with your link embedded.
You may re-distribute your custom design clock and increase traffic to your website!
A custom designed clock is a great way to promote your business and can be used as a promotional tool.

Ideas For Custom Designed Web Clocks:

pointer Have your company logo added to your custom clock, along with your URL. (Web Address)
Have your favorite photo or graphic added to your custom clock.
pointer Have a banner banner clock designed. 
Have your custom clock match your websites theme.

****IMPORTANT NOTE****  All hand clocks keep default time, meaning the clocks will adjust to your computer settings.  When a visitor visits your website, the visitor will see their local time and the clock will adjust to their computer settings.

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