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Why Shopify?

Experts consistently rate Shopify as the eCommerce software standard that all other eCommerce platforms are measured against. Our experts agree that it’s the best stand-alone eCommerce software available. We’ve also written in detail about the pros and cons of using Shopify to launch your eCommerce store.

Finding a Shopify developer

Once you’ve decided that Shopify is definitely for you, the next step is to find a developer to design and build your online store, and maybe support it once it’s running. Of course, you could do-it-yourself, in which case you should still read this article, just in case. Plus, many of these Shopify Experts have excellent blogs full of useful information.

Top Shopify Experts in United Kingdom

We’ve helped in this selection by researching Shopify Experts in the UK. “Shopify Expert” is an accreditation awarded by Shopify to show that the person or company is a valued partner who has proven to have a “comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of Shopify.” These experts provide value-added services that Shopify trusts.

What a Shopify Expert offers

To become a Shopify Expert, individuals or businesses must prove that they’ve created 5 or more active stores. There are five categories of Expert:

  • Design – must have built a theme from scratch for these stores
  • Setup – basic store setup and theme customization for these stores
  • Marketing – proven marketing campaigns for these stores
  • Photography – have a product-focused photo portfolio for Shopify clients
  • Development – created an app for the app store or built working custom integrations

It’s not enough for applicants for Shopify Expert status to send in examples in any of these categories. Shopify’s Expert team reviews all the submissions to ensure that the work is up to their standards. Applicants can be awarded Shopify Expert status in one or more of these categories.

In addition to having superior Shopify skills, Shopify Experts are responsible for providing fast responses to all inquiries, and having open and honest communications with all their clients; in short, being very professional.

Shopify Experts are brand ambassadors for Shopify, and their role is to ensure that all their clients have a positive and high-value experience, regardless of what services they purchase.

The next step

Your task now is to decide what services you need to purchase to get your Shopify online store up and running. Do you need design, setup, marketing, photography or development, or some combination of these? And perhaps some support once your store is in action. Each of the following Shopify Experts has their own strengths. Read the article carefully and visit the websites of the ones that appeal to you.

Shopify Experts in the UK

We Make Websites

We make websites - web design firm

The name We Make Websites doesn’t reflect that this company is rated #1 on Shopify for design, build, and marketing. Their self-identification as a creative retailer shows up well on their own website, with detailed examples of client work, as well as clear explanations of their full range of services, with prices.

We Make Websites have completed over 370 projects, and over 40,000 eCommerce retailers read their monthly advice blog. Visit We Make Websites for, at least, the helpful information and guidance there.

Swanky Apple

Swanky Apple - web design firm

Swanky Apple loves to “create compelling things for the web, print, and mobile devices.” Their website reflects this low-key approach to their work, of which building Shopify stores is just one aspect.

Swanky Apple’s focus is on the development of your store, and not necessarily of your eCommerce business, and they prefer to custom design. However, you do have access to their other creative services which include branding, and search and social marketing.


Inspira - web design firm

inspira’s website home page makes superlative promises – awesome creative work, cutting edge development, fanatical support. They’re very experienced – they’ve been building Shopify stores since 2007, jumping in just eight months after the software was released to the public.

Although eCommerce is only one of four services inspira offers, it does have its own dedicated web page. A full range of eCommerce services is available – design, coding, marketing, and support.

Vitamin London

Vitamin London - web design firm

Vitamin London is a digital product design agency that focuses on the transparent distinctions between the physical and digital. eCommerce is just one of a range of digital services this company offers.

The client examples on Vitamin London’s website are all visually stunning, as are the online stores linked to through the Shopify review site. Be aware, though, that eCommerce is not a service that’s advertised on Vitamin’s own website.


Strawberry - web design firm

Strawberry’s focus is on eCommerce that’s “Out of this World.” This creative marketing agency will be with you every step of the way in your Shopify experience. Strawberry can setup your new store or help you take your existing store to the next level.

They’ll build you apps, including a data dashboard if Shopify doesn’t do what you need. If you need ongoing help, talk to them about a custom support arrangement. And download their free guide to eCommerce.

eastside co

Eastside co - web design firm

The eastside co. exists to build Shopify stores, and they’ve to build hundreds of them. They offer three levels of pricing for their services, from small design changes up to full custom design.

The eastside co. will also work with you in SEO, digital marketing, and social media so that your store will easily be found online. They are worth taking a look at if your business falls into one of their categories: fashion, food and drink, home, and lifestyle.


Noir Luxe - web design firm

Noir Luxe describes itself as a digital creative agency. Its Shopify service is at the end of a long list of other services which focus primarily on visual design, including art direction and fashion illustration.

And the examples of this work are gorgeous. Noir Luxe is a Shopify setup expert and provides design and some management services; most of their clients self-manage their sites. Look at Noir Luxe if your focus is on getting a visually stunning online store.


Statement - web design firm

Statement presents itself through a no-nonsense website that will help you grow your eCommerce business using a proven, three-step business model. The client examples shown are solid with nothing visually high-end, though some are custom designed. Statement’s focus is on the business-side of eCommerce and will suit those who need help with digital strategy and marketing of their Shopify eCommerce business.

Belle Digital

Belle Digital - web design firm

Belle Digital creates “beautiful and unique eCommerce stores on Shopify.” They create custom Shopify businesses, not just storefronts. They’re experts in setup and will also work with you in marketing your store.

Their own website is visually stunning with soft colors and a soft focus, which is reflected in the examples shown in their work. Belle Digital identifies their client categories like fashion, health and beauty, home and lifestyle, and kids, and their website does have a feminine feel to it.

Underwater Pistol

Underwater Pistol - web design firm

Underwater Pistol’s icon is a male superhero cartoon, who represents them as digital troubleshooters. The origins of this laid-back company are in working with creative businesses, and that’s still at their heart.

They’re a little vague about their skill sets, having built eCommerce stores “for a while” and having learned “quite a bit.” Underwater Pistols will build your Shopify store, help you with marketing and do your copywriting.

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