Shopify is the eCommerce platform against which all others are measured. It powers almost 300,000 online stores. Shopify software helped businesses process over $17 billion in sales in 2015.

Shopify platform is as easy to use as it is powerful. But that’s what causes frustration for some. How do you use the functionality to its fullest advantage? Are you getting the best use when you integrate apps and tools from other vendors?

Why struggle with these questions yourself? Rely on web development firms that specialize in the use of the Shopify eCommerce platform. Make a wise choice and invest in professional help.

Shopify top web designers and developers

Start by answering these questions about what you want to do with your Shopify eCommerce site.

Important questions to ask

What’s your budget? It’s possible to run an Open Source eCommerce platform on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). You can pay next to nothing for your first year of operation. But, eCommerce experts will tell you that it takes money to make money.

Online store operating costs are often proportionate with the revenue you generate. How much have you budgeted to pay for basic software, hosting fees, and transaction fees?

What’s your launch window? You can set up some hosted eCommerce platforms in just hours. Others can take months to prepare and deploy. And the platform is just one element.

What about your products? Do you have photos, descriptions, and fulfillment ready to go? You’ll need an eCommerce software that’s ready to go when you are.

How flexible do you need things to be? People often think that they’ll bump up against design limitations for their online store. But that’s not the only obstacle. Can the platform you select manage the range of products you plan to sell?

Shopify is one of the most flexible online store builders on the market. That’s likely not going to be your challenge with it. But, do you know how to set it up, so it is as flexible as you need it to be?

Can I make it play well with others? Sell things on Facebook? An Amazon storefront? In-app purchases? A CSV file for Google Shopping?

Are you comfortable with your answers? Now you have a good understanding of your needs for a Shopify-powered online store. It’s time to find an expert to can help you. These top eCommerce software platform developers deserve your attention.

Realm Web Design

Realm Web Design Logo

Jump right to the portfolio to see examples of Realm’s design work. They’ve been around since 2007. Their client list ranges from familiar Fortune 500 companies to tiny startups. A client referral rate of close to 80% speaks to customer satisfaction. Realm believes that you should let social media do your marketing. They work with customers to integrate Shopify with all major social platforms.

Diff (Ben Crudo Consulting)

Diff Logo

You might be tempted to stay and play with the fun geometric designs on the landing page. Scroll down and read about this team of developers led by CEO Ben Crudo. He started Diff as a frustrated retailer looking for a better eCommerce solution. His team has only been around since 2011, but it’s garnered more than 65 5-star reviews from clients. A focus on Shopify keeps them at the forefront of design, integration, and marketing.


sineLABS Logo

This platform development firm specializes in Shopify apps. These apps add simplicity and functionality to your eCommerce store. The company’s online presence lacks a portfolio featuring client websites. It’s for all the right reasons. sinelabs keeps your attention on their suite of powerful apps. Each one features an easy-to-follow explanation. You’re not overwhelmed by technical features. Links take you to the app featured on the Shopify website.


Radiator Logo

Shopping online is a visual experience. Radiator Studios knows this. This award-winning development firm concentrates on responsive design for eCommerce stores using Shopify. A visit to their portfolio gives you more than a look at what they’ve done for customers. Each example provides either a case study or a look at what went on behind the scenes.


3five Logo

About half of their clients come to them only for eCommerce support. 3five combines the functionality of WordPress and Shopify to run the websites they develop. They call themselves a boutique, but 3five has a global roster of clients. There’s a collection of resources to download. They’ll prepare you for the questions they’ll ask to set up your Shopify eCommerce site.


Jivaldi Logo

You may never have read such an eloquent definition of conversion experts. This eCommerce development firm helps its clients optimize the Shopify eCommerce platform. It targets traffic, increases conversion rates, and finds new customers. The first thing you’ll come across on the Jivaldi website is their portfolio. Each example expands to share a case study. You’re given the customer’s goals, and how Jivaldi approached them.

MEM Design (Mat Mullen)

Mem Design Logo

With over 100 eCommerce sites under his belt, Mat Mullen can say with conviction that he knows a thing or two about Shopify. Mat is the sort of person who loves to talk about what he does. He puts his phone number right on the website and encourages people to call with questions. He’ll likely even answer a few questions about Slack. Mat lends his talent to them as a product manager. Check out Matt’s portfolio of work for clients. Need more help deciding? Read a few of the 70-something testimonials he has right now on Shopify.


SynapseIndia Logo

Outsourcing Shopify eCommerce IT needs is a global experience. SynapseIndia is one of the leaders in offshore development. The company has a team of over 500 experienced IT professionals. They’ve worked on behalf of a global list of companies ranging from 3M and PayPal to Sotheby’s and IBM. Read their blog for a better understanding of their depth of services. Spend time with their FAQ if you’re unsure about offshore outsourcing.

Spring Web Solutions

Spring Web Logo

Here’s the best way to understand how Malc Bull and Paddy Rohr develop eCommerce solutions. Let them walk you through their thought process. At the core is a belief that technology should never be an obstacle to online shoppers. Sort their portfolio by platform and service to see Shopify solutions. There’s also a section on the website where you can read client case studies. These writeups help you understand how Spring Web created solutions for their clients.

Abby Rose Design

Abby Rose Design Logo

They’ve got a Shopify Experts listing, so you know this California design firm has high ratings. eCommerce sites on the portfolio page show the meticulous steps taken to blend function and design. Abigail Russel and her small team specialize in Shopify custom design and development. If you’re new to Shopify, the team will help you, as they say, “Get your hands dirty” with a free trial.

Next Step

Next Step Logo

This design firm believes that behavioral science should decide eCommerce store functionality. They use the study of how people make decisions to help remove friction from the buying process. The agency shares a small number of work examples on the portfolio page. Each one includes an insightful case study. This approach might be new to you. Next Step has gathered resources for you to understand more about behavioral science.

Above Market

Above Market Logo

Few development companies are brave enough to throw prices on the front page. Above Market tells you right from the start. You’ll know what the costs will be to help you set up and configure a new online store using the Shopify platform. The company also can help with changes to your existing Shopify site. If it’s something custom, this Shopify Expert can help you there, too. In all cases, they’re upfront and transparent about pricing. It’s a refreshing change.

Can something be too versatile?

One of the top benefits of the Shopify platform is that it has over 100 gorgeous themes. You can create a unique identity with little effort. Shopify also has a growing suite of tools (apps) to extend the functionality of your online store.

All these choices and variations can overwhelm you. Especially when you are new to eCommerce, or even the Shopify platform. If you’re launching an online store, you want it up and running as fast as possible. Trying to figure out all the Shopify details might not be the best investment of your time.

That’s when you should seek out the expertise of one of these development firms. Most of them deal only with Shopify. All have a reputation for getting the best out of the platform.


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