Looking for ways to up your game when it comes to developing and designing websites? Some of the world’s best experts offer free advice and examples. The advice is easy to find. They post it on their blogs.

But, who’s the best? We’ve done the searching for you. Here’s a list of the top 50 blogs for web designers and developers. We’ll tell you what makes each one an awesome resource. You’ll also find our picks for 3 must-read articles.

1. speckyboy

Written by: Paul Andrew and his team


What you’ll find: A magazine-style blog packed with tutorials, techniques, and resources. Posts cover web design and development, graphic design, and advertising. Contributors pick their favorite design styles and tell you why. You benefit by seeing what’s trending right now for website design.

You’ll read about the technologies behind it. The articles are written for the freelance web designer in mind. If you like what you read, subscribe to the blog’s weekly newsletter. It’s a digest of useful tools and articles from the design community.

Must-read articles:

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2. Six Revisions

Six Revisions

Written by: Jacob Gube

What you’ll find: Don’t let a minimalist design with a basic list of titles on the homepage fool you. The articles are rich with graphics when you jump inside. Jacob and guest post writers mix it up with articles, guides, and tutorials. A pull-down menu on the index page takes you to the main categories. You can get right to what you want to read. Don’t overlook the Freebies section. It’s a treasure trove of usable design elements.

Must-read articles:

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3. A List Apart

A List Apart

Written by:L. Jeffrey Zeldman and his team What you’ll find:A good blog needs a voice, but that voice shouldn’t be over opinionated. This website has found the sweet spot. It began as a mailing list in 1997 and switched to a website the following year. The intelligent and entertaining articles focus on standards and best practices.

There are 6 main topic categories. Each is further divided into subcategories. You’ll appreciate the help. There are over 1,750 articles. They range from hard technical advice to suggestions for reigniting creativity.

Must-read articles:


4. SitePoint


Written by:Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz, and their team.

What you’ll findOver 30 people work to bring you the content you’ll find on this website. They’re professional website developers, designers, and programmers. You’re greeted with a tile of current subjects. A horizontal bar across the top helps you get to specific subject categories.

Click a category, and a subcategory appears below it. Head here first if you’re an entrepreneur keen on deepening your understanding of website design and development. The website offers thousands of video tutorials and eBooks for a membership fee.

Must-read articles:


5. Web Resources Depot

Web Resources Depot

Written by: Multiple contributors

What you’ll find:This is a collection of mostly free resources for website design and development. It was started in 2007 by Umut Muhaddisoglu. He’s turned it over to Brad Wayland, who also runs DesignM. The website isn’t as much as a blog as it is a popular online destination for all things free.

Some of the articles have a short introduction. Most, though, get you right to the resource. Over 800,000 monthly visitors look here for inspiration. Search by category, or see what’s trending.

Must-read articles:

6. Line25


Written by:Iggy

What you’ll find:ust one person curates this blog. He’s got a good eye for examples and tutorials to help you learn new techniques. There are three main categories. The Articles category offers reviews on web design trends. There also are interviews with web design gurus.

The Inspiration category features a “site of the week,” which is often based on a theme or style. The Tutorials category lives up to its name, with plenty of help for WordPress users.

Must-read articles:

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7. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Written by: Vitaly Friedman

What you’ll find:Join over 181,000 people who have signed up for the email newsletter. Then take a tour of the comprehensive collection of design resources on this site. There are 6 main categories, and each has a curator. You’ll get tips, tricks, and ideas for Coding.

Learn web design principles and discover inspirational examples in Design. Keep up with emerging practices in Mobile. Learn from tutorials or grab free resources in Graphics. Stay abreast of best practices for UX Design. There’s even a category for WordPress.

Must-read articles:

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8. The Next Web

The Next Web

Written by: Multiple contributors

What you’ll find:This is one of the world’s largest online publications. You’ll find the latest news about web design and development, but topics go far beyond. The Creative category offers a helpful collection of articles on web design and development.

You’ll also find stories about new launches and software updates in the Launch category. And, you know what they say about all work and no play. When it’s time for a break, head over to Distract.

Must-read articles:

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9. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq

Written by: Dan Oliver and his team

What you’ll find: Insights, creative tips, and inspiration abound on this website. You’ll also find articles about 3D rendering, audiovisual products, and branding. If you’re just looking for website design or development help, stay in the main category.

It gathers the latest postings for you, with the newest at the top. Creative Bloq is part of the Future Group. It also has UK-based websites for music, entertainment, and technology.

Must-read articles:

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10. Hongkiat


Written by: Hongkiat Lim and his team

What you’ll find: This website is a favorite for designers, bloggers, and developers. The editorial team curates a cutting edge collection of tips, tricks, tutorials, and tools. There’s also an appropriate balance of articles about gadgets, apps, and new technology.

The horizontal navigation across the top of the website accesses the site’s main categories. Your primary interest will be Design/Dev. If you’re busy, sign up for the daily email.

Must-read articles:

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11. Design Shack

Design Shack

Written by: David Appleyard and his team

What you’ll find: Learning to design and develop websites helps when you’ve got inspiration. That’s what this blog does best. It’s a showcase for design. The articles teach you the techniques so you can do the same thing for your website.

Two of the main categories take you to collections of design examples. The Gallery. If you’re busy, sign up for the daily email.category lets you pick the main color you’d like to see in the search. You’ll find the latest posts under the Articles category.

Must-read articles:

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12. DESIGNTaxi


Written by: Multiple contributors

What you’ll find:This website has earned high praise from more than visitors. Forbes magazine names it as one of the top 5 sites for keeping up with creativity and design. The content you’ll find is more than just articles on website design and development.

It may not become your top resource pick, but it’ll never fail to inspire you. The best way to find the latest articles on website design and development is to use the search function. It’s at the top of the site.

Must-read articles:

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13. David Walsh

David Walsh

Written by:David Walsh

What you’ll find:David Walsh is a blogger, speaker, and web developer. The 30-something software engineer hails from Madison, Wisconsin. He uses his blog to dispense information and tutorials about website development. David’s articles won’t help you much with design.

But his writing about the technical side of websites is easy to understand. The subjects fall into broad categories, but he’s indexed everything. You can run a search at the top of the main page to see if he has written about something that interests you.

Must-read articles:

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14. Enovato Tuts+

Enovato Tuts+

Written by:Multiple contributors

What you’ll find:This is just one of the areas of Enovato, which is a leading marketplace for creative assets. An online community of over 6 million people contributes to the Enovato ecosystem. The Tuts+ area features a library of more than 21,000 free tutorials.

There are over 700 video courses alone. The best place to find web design and development help is to head to the complete index. Access to the entire library requires enrollment for a free trial.

Must-read articles:

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15. OneExtraPixel


Written by:Multiple contributors

What you’ll find:This website is from Singapore. The staff collects and shares useful tips, tutorials, and resources. They bill themselves as a “digital playground.” You’ll understand why with a bit of exploration. A box at the top of the main page shows you articles that are trending now.

A pull-down menu in the upper-left corner offers a convenient way to navigate. Use it to find specific areas of interest. OXP isn’t as generous with freebies as other sites. That’s because they aim for quality.

Must-read articles:


16. Stoyan’s phpied

Stoyan’s phpied

Written by:Stoyan Stefanov

What you’ll find:Head to this website for website development insight and resources. You’ll get information from a qualified expert. Stoyan is the author of 4 books. One thing you won’t find on this blog is a lot of graphics. That’s because Stoyan is all about code.

You will find useful examples of code to use for your website development. He’s not a prolific poster, but even his articles from previous years are still useful.

Must-read articles:


17. WebAppers


Written by:Ray Cheung

What you’ll find:The creator of this website has a good point. There are hundreds of thousands of resources online. Who has time to go looking? He and his contributors pick what they believe are the best resources. You’ll find a sorted collection of free icons, stock photos, and fonts.

You’ll also discover Javascript and Ajax components, as well as website plugins. Look on the right-hand side of the main page for tables that display categories and topics.

Must-read articles:

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18. Design Your Way

Design Your Way

Written by:Bogdan Sandu

What you’ll find:Website design is Bogdan’s passion. He writes about it here at his blog. He uses simple and straightforward language to make his point. Bogdan breaks his posts into 5 categories in a navigation bar at the top of the main page. He features his most recent posts below.

When he shares a resource, Bogdan takes the time to explain why, and he gives you examples of how you can use it. You can subscribe for his weekly email update.

Must-read articles:

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19. Treehouse


Written by:Multiple contributors

What you’ll find:The founders of this website believe that technology education should be available to everyone. It offers over 220 online courses. Full access to the website takes a paid membership, but you can sign up for a free 7-day trial.

Go from zero knowledge to building a complete website with this educational website. There’s also content for experts who want to take their skills to the next level. Look through the course library for online classes that match your needs.

Must-read articles:

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20. Webmonkey


Written by:Multiple contributors

What you’ll find:This is a Wired website subsidiary. Stories about website design and development find their way to Webmonkey. Four main categories break down further to direct you to articles. A section near the top on the right side of the main page features top picks.

Head to the Reference category for a helpful collection of resources. They’re created to let you cut and paste the code you need for your website.

Must-read articles:


21. 24 Ways

24 Ways

Written by: Drew McLellan and multiple contributors

What you’ll find:Your first impression of this blog might be, “There’s nothing current!” 24 Ways publishes just 24 days each year. Drew McLellan started this annual tradition back in 2005. He decided to blog what he calls “an advent calendar for web geeks.”

For 24 days each December, the blog features a daily post about web design and development. Everything you’ll find has the previous year’s date. They’re predictions for the coming year. Access the collapsible menu on the right-hand top to see a menu of archives.

Must-read articles:


22. eJohn


Written by: John Resig

What you’ll find:This might John’s personal blog, but it’s all about website development. He is an engineer at hKhan Academy and the creator of the jQuery JavaScript library. John has written two books. Pro JavaScript Techniques and Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja.

The best way to appreciate the resources on this website is to scroll through the posts. It’s also the only way. John doesn’t offer topic categories or a search function. You can see what else he’s up to if you jump over to his main page.

Must-read articles:




Written by: Sachin

What you’ll find:This is another personal blog. Sachin says the reason he blogs is to share knowledge with his fellow developers. Your reward is a collection of articles with links to other resources. Sachin will respond if you leave a comment about a post. Subject categories spawn pull-down menus.

There’s a section on the main page where you can see which articles are getting attention. If you’re up for an adventure, use the SurpriseMe link.

Must-read articles:


24. viget


Written by:Multiple contributors

What you’ll find:The viget blog is where this team of website developers and designers share their wisdom. There’s a big team at viget, so the articles offer a broad range of information. The website puts them into 5 main categories.

The latest posts appear on the front page. Each article ends with a suggested link to read more about the subject. If you enjoy the post, you’ll also find a link to more from the author.

Must-read articles:

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25. Web Designer Wall

Web Designer Wall

Written by:Nick La

What you’ll find:Nick isn’t a prolific blogger. It’s likely because Nick also runs N.Design Studio, Themify, IconDock, and Best Web Gallery. When he does post an update on Web Designer Wall, it’s all about website design. It’s a useful repository of tutorials and ideas for inspiration.

Must-read articles:

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26. Digital Telepathy

Digital Telepathy

Written by:Multiple contributors

What you’ll find: Stylish! It’s the one word that sums up the blog from this product and UX design company firm. What the designers have learned is what powers the blog’s layout and function. Each post will educate and inspire you. It’s all about simple solutions to complex problems.

There’s much to learn from Digital Telepathy. Categories help you find specific topics. Explore what Digital Telepathy calls “The Reading List.” It’s their recommendation of top posts.

Must-read articles:

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27. Designrfix


Written by:Multiple contributors

What you’ll find: It’s all about sharing for this group of blog contributors. Their goal is to create a community that is less selfish about design. Each post is a thoughtful helping of technique and inspiration. It’s no surprise that the Inspiration category has the most content.

The Deals category has more than offers on website design and development software. Head there to see what’s geeky and new. An area on the right side of the main page shows you what’s trending.

Must-read articles:


28. Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger

Written by:Multiple contributors

What you’ll find: This blog-powered website offers breaking news and reviews of website design and development tools. While some posts are promotions, the Reviews category offers honest evaluations of software. You can get the pros and cons of a CMS on your shortlist.

The Tools subcategory gives you the lowdown on what programmers are using to stay productive. Head to the Portfolio subcategory when you need design inspiration.

Must-read articles:


29. Webdesigner Depot

Webdesigner Depot

Written by:Multiple contributors

What you’ll find: Things keep getting bigger and better at this website. The blog used to focus on web design news, techniques, and resources. Now, it’s expanded to be a comprehensive content hub. Almost 750,000 subscribers head here to find tools, product announcements, and lots of freebies.

Navigate to design and development content with the main Blog category link at the top. Freebies are next to it. Web Designer Depot has a large video library of interviews, conference talks, and tutorials.

Must-read articles:


30. Creative Overflow

Creative Overflow

Written by:Multiple contributors

What you’ll find: “Creative” is part of its name. This website leans more toward the design side of things. Top names in the field share advice in the helpful articles. There’s a large Tutorials category. You’ll find step-by-step guidance to create visual magic for your website.

Head to the Archives to locate something you can’t find. Creative Overflow keeps all the giveaways in one place. They’re separate from the freebies.

Must-read articles:


31. JUST Creative

JUST Creative

Written by: Jacob Cass

What you’ll find:The founder of JUST Creative uses his personal blog to talk about website design. He posts while he travels the world as a digital nomad. You’ll find a few articles about website development.

But remember that Jacob is a designer. He knows what he’s talking about. Jacob has won many design awards. He doesn’t use categories to navigate through his posts. Your best option is to use the search window to find subjects.

Must-read articles:


32. Vandelay Design

Vandelay Design

Written by: Multiple contributors

What you’ll find: It takes the right tools to make your business a success. This design group uses their blog posts to educate and inform. Posts share design news and trends. The website also features thousands of design graphics. Many, but not all, are free.

If you need a WordPress theme, this could be the website you’ve been hoping to find. They have free downloads. The latest posts present themselves in tile form on the main page.

Must-read articles:

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33. Swiss Miss

Swiss Miss

Written by: Tina Roth Eisenberg

What you’ll find: Tina has contributed posts to this blog since 2005. It started as a visual archive for her, but it’s grown into a popular online design journal. The website gets over 1 million unique monthly visitors. Tina doesn’t use categories the way other design and development websites do.

She has a filter at the top of the main page. It’s useful to get to know how she approaches subjects. You’ll want to use her search window to find specific topics.

Must-read articles:

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34. instantShift


Written by: Multiple contributors

What you’ll find: The only problem you might have with this website is deciding where to start. There’s a constant addition of new resources. The good news is that there is a category navigation bar at the top that moves you in the right direction.

If you can’t find something, head here to find the current active categories. You’ll also find popular tags used to classify articles. The links will filter posts for you. Contributors to this website have an affinity for WordPress. You’ll find this category packed with articles.

Must-read articles:

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35. From Up North

From Up North

Written by: Daniel Nelson

What you’ll find: Daniel’s blog covers and promotes inspiring creative from around the world. He’s been at it since 2009. The main page of the website greets you with tiles to his recent posts. Pull-down category navigation across the top takes you to specific topics.

Daniel doesn’t get crazy with his link to resources. He’s also transparent. If it’s an affiliate link, he marks it as such. Another helpful collection of links to his posts rests at the bottom of the main page.

Must-read articles:

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36. DesignM.ag


Written by: Multiple contributors

What you’ll find: The website covers design, with contributions from all over the world. There’s also a design gallery. Other websites might try to impress you with quantity. DesignM.ag prefers to cut back there and deliver quality.

There are few articles, but they are thorough. Designers will appreciate the website’s main page. It makes intelligent use of multicolor blends to highlight recent posts.

Must-read articles:

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37. Design Instruct

Design Instruct

Written by: Multiple contributors

What you’ll find: Six Revisions Founder Jacob Gube started this website with his brother, Isaac Gube. They have a strong base of regular contributors. There are tutorials and reviews. Articles approach subjects at basic levels. This is a good resource if you’re just starting out.

Many of the articles are tutorials. Education is a strong theme for the brothers. The website’s Resource category offers design tools that even include easy instructions.

Must-read articles:

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38. Design Envy

Design Envy

Written by: Multiple contributors

What you’ll find:This website is a collection of design ideas. It’s curated by members of the Professional Association of Design (AIGA). A different contributor creates the blog’s daily posts each week.

Website visitors can read the posts and vote to promote them. You won’t find tutorials or resources here. You will find brilliant design concepts. Design Envy is a visual feast meant for inspiration.

Must-read articles:

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39. David Airey

David Airey

Written by: David Airey

What you’ll find:David’s personal blog is about the life of, you guessed it, a designer. Like many blogs of this nature, there is no navigation to find subjects or categories. You’re invited to wander along with David as he talks about the business of design.

Sometimes, it’s a review. Other times, it’s insight. He does throw in a few links to resources. You’ll have to look for them. They’re worth finding.

Must-read articles:

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40. Spoon Graphics

Spoon Graphics

Written by: Chris Spooner

What you’ll find:Chris sticks to just three things with his personal blog. He posts tutorials that show you how to create the designs and special effects he shares. He offers freebies to help you be more productive. And, he writes articles to explain the theory behind various creative genres.

Some of his tutorials are videos. He’s got them in a separate category. Some of his resources require a paid membership. Chris has posted to his blog since 2007. There’s an enormous archive.

Must-read articles:

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41. Codrops


Written by: Manoela IIic and Pedro Botelho, and their team

What you’ll find:Manoela and Pedro believe that you should push the boundaries of your website every day. They look for innovative ideas, and then they turn them into posts. You’ll find articles trends and techniques. If it’s a technique, you’ll find a tutorial to go with it.

The result is an exciting blend of resources for website design and development. Codrops prefers to call their free website templates “Blueprints.” They also package related resources in an area called “Collective.”

Must-read articles:

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42. UX Booth

UX Booth

Written by: Matthew Kammerer and David Leggett, and their team

What you’ll find:This website has a single focus. It publishes articles about user experience (UX). The content writing level is for those with little or no background on the subject. You’ll learn the basics and discover best practices. 9 categories capture all the subjects covered.

They’re color-coded and accessible from several areas on the website. The index gives you full a list of articles. Good website UX is crucial. This website is a goldmine of information.

Must-read articles:

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43. designmodo


Written by: Multiple contributors

What you’ll find:“Modo” is the Italian and Spanish word for “method.” This website’s philosophy is that there is a “method” to sound design. The articles they share with you reflect it. Use the navigation at the top of the main page to jump to a category of interest. Designmodo also runs an online store. You’ll find complete packages to build your website.

Must-read articles:


44. Co.Design


Written by: Multiple contributors

What you’ll find:Fast Company owns this website. They’re the world’s leading progressive business media brand. Co.Design is an offshoot where you’ll find news about website design and development. Fast Company isn’t afraid to be controversial. Blog post authors speak their mind. There’s plenty to learn, and the website’s energetic layout will keep you entertained.

Must-read articles:


45. Moz


Written by: Multiple contributors

What you’ll find:The company’s core business is search engine optimization. Most of the Moz blog is about SEO. But, there is a specific area devoted to website design and development. Articles explore subjects with completeness hard to find elsewhere. They’re filled with graphics and links to more examples.

There’s a list of similar Moz posts to read at the end of each post. Continue when you exhaust the Design category. The rest will help you improve your website, too.

Must-read articles:


46. 1stwebdesigner


Written by: Multiple contributors

What you’ll find: A group of professional designers runs this website. They’re also responsible for the Themeco WordPress theme. Bloggers share their expertise and skills in a running series of posts. Articles are not categorized, but the obligatory search window is at the top of the main page.

Tutorials tell you up front the skills you need, and how much time it will take to complete it. If you’re big on lists, it’s difficult to find a blog here contains less than 50 sources for a subject. Many include 200 or more.

Must-read articles:


47. Tripwire Magazine

Tripwire Magazine

Written by: Lars Vraa, and multiple contributors

What you’ll find: If you believe you should never stop improving your website, this blog is your new best friend. The contributors agree that website improvement is a never-ending task. They provide design and developer tips for both beginners and experts.

Lars lets readers vote on posts. Then highlights the most popular articles on the main page. Explore subjects at your leisure using the category navigation bar at the top.

Must-read articles:

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48. Website Magazine

Tripwire Magazine

Written by: Multiple contributors

What you’ll find: The web is a visual medium. Images are everything. This blog is a digest of articles on how to keep your website looking at its best. Make Website Magazine a regular visit if you’re short on time and want to get in and out of a subject in a matter of minutes.

The site’s resources go beyond design and development. Each area is set up as a channel. The vertical navigation for this is on the main page on the right-hand side.

Must-read articles:

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It Takes a Blogger

The best information about blogging comes from people who run successful blogs. Bloggers are generous. They enjoy sharing works for them, and they want to see it work for you.

Blogs are interactive. Feedback and comments fuel their success. Be sure to let these blog owners you like or use something they’ve published.

There’s one last step. Pay it forward. What have you learned that you can share with other bloggers?


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