AWA Award of Excellence

Even though Shopify is establishing a reputation as an easy to use eCommerce platform with an intuitive interface, you may decide that you need help in designing and setting up your online store, perhaps even in running and maintaining it.

You could go to your local web developer and ask for their assistance, but we suggest that you turn to one of Shopify’s accredited Experts. These people have shown that they have a “comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of Shopify” by submitting examples of their work to the company.

Shopify reviews the stores the applicants have built and awards the title of Shopify experts to those whose work comes up to their standards.

Five questions to ask when interviewing Shopify Experts

Has the Expert worked with similar companies in similar industries? If all the example case studies of stores in the experts’ portfolios are a soft focus and in pastel colors, maybe they are not the best choice for the designer of your construction tools store. Alternatively, if you sell digital products and services, don’t choose someone who focuses on stores with physical goods.

Does the Expert have the skills that you’re looking for? The Shopify Expert may have a qualification of Design, but have they created a store from scratch or only customized existing templates? Does someone with a photography accreditation specialize in any particular products?

What do the Experts’ past clients say about their customer experience? Read the reviews from recent past clients on the Shopify website. Focus on the reviews for work that’s similar to what you’re looking for. It’s not very useful knowing that the Expert is ideal for small projects if you want her to build a large and multi-country store.

Ask the Expert how they interact with their clients And then observe how they treat you when you speak with them. Even if your initial conversation with the expert is by email, take the opportunity to talk to them by phone or in person. Much of the success of setting up your online store will be in your relationship with your developer.

Will the Expert train you to use Shopify? Once your online store is up, it’s up to you to keep it running and up-to-date, unless you hire someone to maintain it for you. Ask your potential Expert if they will train you how to do this, and will they be on call if you have questions for problems you can’t solve?

Here is our selection of Shopify developers on the west coast of North America.

Fuel Made – Colbert, Washington

Fuel Made

Fuel Made’s only focus is Shopify. They specialize in premium Shopify design and development and offer full custom design and development. Alternatively, they provide just design or just development services if you’ve already got part of the process covered.

If you’re looking for just a little bit of help, you can use their services by the hour. Fuel Made’s portfolio of work includes detailed screenshots of how they built the stores and helped their clients organize their products.

Satel Creative – Vancouver, BC

Satel Creative

Satel Creative is a one-stop shop for everything eCommerce. They cover the complete range of Shopify services—design, development, setup, and marketing, plus photography for your products. The diagrams of their process are easy to follow and explain exactly what they do for you and what you can expect.

This company is also experienced in point of sale and inventory management. Shopify is one of two eCommerce platforms they use.

SeedCMS – Irvine, CA


SeedCMS have used Shopify since 2012, and offer the full range of Shopify services. This company specializes in customized services including themes and developing apps for your unique needs.

There’s no real explanation on SeedCMS’ website as to what they do, but the very many screenshots of their work are visually high-end and are tagged with what services the company provided for that client.

WLCR – Portland, OR


WLCR (Weinland Creative) is a full-service web development firm, offering diverse services including information architecture, image retouching, and screen printing. They’ve been building on the Shopify platform since 2012.

Testimonials for them on the Shopify site are very positive. However, WLCR’s eCommerce service isn’t highlighted on their own website, so you’ll have to contact them for any information.

Monumental Design Co. – Portland, OR

Monumental Design Co.

Monumental Design Co. call themselves a collaborative agency or “my hero.” They seem to be quite selective in the clients they take on – but in a good way, wanting everyone to be successful. Shopify accredits monumental Design for design, development, and setup.

Their own website just says that they do Shopify eCommerce (among other web stuff). That’s it; it’s a one-page website. You then have to fill out a form to contact them to get any further information.

ShopPad – Oakland, CA


ShopPad has been a design and development Shopify Expert since 2012 and has worked with thousands of online stores. ShopPad works exclusively with Shopify and has a specialty in mobile eCommerce.

The technical expertise within this company is impressive as over 50,000 eCommerce stores use the Shopify apps they have developed. The case studies detail exactly what eCommerce issues were addressed. Check out ShopPad’s blog for a lot of useful eCommerce insights and tips.

Manufactur – Los Angeles, CA


Manufactur is an edgy, creative agency that offers web development, branding, design, media, and marketing. They’re listed on the Shopify website as Experts in design, development, and marketing, yet this is nowhere to be found on explicitly on Manufactur’s own website.

Look in the case studies under the digital marketing or web tags to see where they created stores. Manufactur’s client list is very impressive and includes Capitol Records, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and 20th Century Fox.

2 Friends Designs – Sedona, AZ

2 Friends Designs

2 Friends Design is a design company, and developing Shopify sites is just one of their arenas, along with T-shirts and logos. The 2 Friends Design website is more a sales pitch for the Shopify platform than an explanation of the Shopify design services that 2 Friends can provide.

The company does have a Pinterest board of all the 160+ websites it has developed. We suggest you look there to view their design skills.

Aeolidia – Seattle, WA


Aeolidia focuses on retailers who are at the point of “tipping from” a small, DIY concern over to a more stable and growing business. They offer a full-range of eCommerce services from brand identity design through online store building using Shopify to marketing consulting and social media management.

Aeolidia’s case studies are mainly soft color and hazy focus websites, which may reflect their design sensibility. Their blog is full of very useful information.

Mat Mullen Design – San Francisco, CA

Mat Mullen Design

Mat Mullen is an accredited Shopify Expert for design, setup, and marketing. He’s worked on over 100 online stores since 2008 years. Mat is experienced in working with small businesses setting up their first eCommerce store. His portfolio shows a variety of types of online stores and the testimonials on the Shopify site from clients are very positive.