Working remotely is the new normal. Many of the organizations due to presence across locations had already been working remotely. However, the current scenario of the pandemic has forced all the organizations to make the required shift.

Technologically, the companies have coped up with the requirements of working from home or working remotely but have come up with a different set of challenges to keep the employees engaged, productive, and motivated. The need of keeping the employees involved by giving them that feeling of a team while driving the company culture can only be managed through training.

Moving from a classroom training environment to a complete virtual training environment in no time is a huge challenge that companies have been facing. But it is a surety that an effective, engaging training plan will keep the employees connected. It will also facilitate keeping the growth track of the employees in place which also is an effective way to keep the employees motivated.

While creating these training programs what are the points one should remember to make them engaging and interesting. Mentioned below are some of the tips you must keep in mind while using the learning management system of your choice:

Visuals And Multimedia:

Online Training Visuals

The proven and easiest way to explain the most complex concept is through images and visuals. It is easier to grasp and remember the learning for a longer period of time as it becomes meaningful and the learner can connect the concept with the actual scenario. Including infographics and multimedia is also a good option.

Real-World Scenarios:

Storyboard Ideas

Explaining the concept through a storyboard is a practical and interesting way to engage the learner. The employees can relate better if the storyboard created includes the real-world scenarios that they will have to deal with in work scenarios or in their day-to-day life. Multimedia storyboards will result in better engagement and will provide a better learning experience.

Such pieces of training with examples from case studies help the employee learn the concept in less time. Implementation becomes easier with lesser gaps and losses (in the case of sales). These interactive online training with case studies and scenarios condition the employees better for the practical scenarios as it becomes easier for them to convert their ideas into practical know-how.

Online Support System:

Online Support

A strong online learning management system will address all the concerns before it creates any gaps in learning. Availability and support are what an employee seeks. This also keeps them away from isolation providing them the feeling of their need and presence in the system.

Creating social media groups, discussion forums, video conferencing sessions, FAQs, and live events are great ways to support the employees. These activities keep them engaged and on their toes.

Online Training Paths:

Ensuring and tracking the progress of the required training by the employees is very important. Not everyone is self-motivated and requires some kind of push and pressure to complete their tasks and stay involved. These training paths can be tracked by both the trainer and the trainee to see their progress. This will make the employee accountable and responsible to complete the training.


The old-style carrot and the stick rule still works. Rewards and recognitions create that environment of motivation and competition. Similarly, it becomes important to let the individual employee know where they are lagging. Tracking employee’s performance also becomes easier. Feedback must flow from both the trainers and the trainees.

Trainers can analyze the details of the path of training and can break down the results to pull out the modules which need rework and improve their deliveries.


A successful organization always accommodates the required changes as per the changing requirements and scenarios. Changes in training modes should benefit both the organization and the employees.

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